When We Want More But Keep Choosing Less

2018 is almost upon us, so you know what that means. Everyone from your favorite podcasters to your yoga instructor is asking you to start setting your goals and intentions for the new year.

I have a lot of thoughts about 2018. I think it’s going to be a really good year. Why? Do I know something in particular about this coming year that will really set it apart?

No. Not really.

But I have learned some things in the previous years that I plan to carry with me in order to make next year, great.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today: Perspective. Planning. Purposeful living.

I would like to propose to you that the biggest barrier between you and achieving the kind of life you want to lead is NOT ¬†circumstances or timing or other people and is almost entirely one thing. You.¬† Continue reading When We Want More But Keep Choosing Less

When A New Year Ain’t Nothin New

People get reflective this time of year. They evaluate, re-evaluate, and make resolutions. They determine the things about their life and themselves that they like, and the things they would like to change. It’s like this whole big thing. This thinking, evaluating. This making lists of future goals and objectives. And I don’t get it. Continue reading When A New Year Ain’t Nothin New