When A New Year Ain’t Nothin New

People get reflective this time of year. They evaluate, re-evaluate, and make resolutions. They determine the things about their life and themselves that they like, and the things they would like to change. It’s like this whole big thing. This thinking, evaluating. This making lists of future goals and objectives. And I don’t get it. Continue reading When A New Year Ain’t Nothin New

Exciting News!

Happy Wednesday, Readers!

I’ve been featured as a guest writer on the wonderful blog, The Mommyhood Project! I’m so excited about this partnership and I’m hugely grateful to Cortney for the opportunity. Take a few minutes to check out the post and share, share, share! The more Facebook likes and Twitter shares the better!

Also, be sure to read through Cortney’s amazing blog. It’s a good one!

Till next time.