When We Want More But Keep Choosing Less

2018 is almost upon us, so you know what that means. Everyone from your favorite podcasters to your yoga instructor is asking you to start setting your goals and intentions for the new year.

I have a lot of thoughts about 2018. I think it’s going to be a really good year. Why? Do I know something in particular about this coming year that will really set it apart?

No. Not really.

But I have learned some things in the previous years that I plan to carry with me in order to make next year, great.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today: Perspective. Planning. Purposeful living.

I would like to propose to you that the biggest barrier between you and achieving the kind of life you want to lead is NOT  circumstances or timing or other people and is almost entirely one thing. You.  Continue reading When We Want More But Keep Choosing Less

How I Created A Capsule Wardrobe For My Two Year Old Daughter

First, let me start by saying that I initially set out to write this well researched blogpost with all these time honored tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe for your kids.

But, it turns out, there are no time honored tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe for your kids. I mean, there are plenty of blog posts on the topic. But the tips out there are kind of terrible. They made me feel hot and stressed out. People make this WAY TOO COMPLICATED. So let me cut to the chase.

This is what went down –  Continue reading How I Created A Capsule Wardrobe For My Two Year Old Daughter

How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe Like A Mother

Below is a post I wrote almost a year ago exactly. I’m reposting it because a) it’s that time of year when I start to once again reassess my wardrobe to see what stays and what goes and b) I’ve had some renewed interest and questions from readers.

As I was re-reading the post, I was excited to see that this past capsule wardrobe has been not only successful in terms of giving me clothes that I love to wear, works for my lifestyle, and fits well, but also, this capsule has really freed me from my clothes. I find that I love my clothes for what they are – no more, no less. No more drama over what to wear. No more feeling like I constantly need to add more just because I stumble upon a good deal or see a trend I like. Honestly, I think about clothes so much less and the freeing feeling that this capsule has left me with can only be described as something akin to coming home after a long day, letting your hair down, taking your bra off, and sitting on the sofa in a pair of pants without a waistband.

That kind of freeing.

But there has also been this other result from my capsule that I didn’t expect – when I buy clothes that I genuinely like and that fit well, I choose, like, really awesome stuff. If you saw last week’s post about Four Things I Can’t Stop Wearing, then you saw a few pieces that I purchased recently that are just crazy beautiful/cool/functional/fun. All the words. I’m just appreciating my clothing so much more, mostly because I’m choosing better.

And that’s really what it’s all about, anyway. Better, more deliberate choices.

So anyways. Here is the post about how I created a capsule wardrobe that really, honestly works for me. I’m still using this same one. I’m stilling rocking my “uniform.” I still have some purging and letting go to do. But It’s becoming more and more second nature. Oh, and Bea is still in our closet and I still love it and I’m still using the stand alone wardrobe as my “closet” and I love that too. (Link for that is below). It’s all good.


So I know I’ve talked about creating a capsule wardrobe in the past, but things have taken a serious and exciting turn in the wardrobe department. Namely, I gave up my glorious, walk-in closet with the built in shoe rack and shelves to house something much more precious than clothing – my little girl.

So my closet is now Bea’s room, which meant it was time to get down to business on this whole capsule wardrobe thing. In the past, I would just pack up whatever didn’t make it into the current season’s capsule and store it in my closet. That, is no longer an option. Not to mention the fact that I was starting to feel physically oppressed by the shear volume of stuff. I had all these things that were still in great shape but belonged to a different me who did different things. A me that no longer exists. Their daily presence in my life just stressed me out. It was time to go. Continue reading How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe Like A Mother

My Current Style & Packing Light

For over two years now, I’ve been working through this whole capsule clothing and minimalistic wardrobe concept. The project has been on hold the past year, however, because it was just too difficult to wrap my mind around while pregnant and newly postpartum. But now, at seven moths postpartum, I’m ready to be back at it.

Recently, we went away for the weekend to New York and I gave myself the challenge of packing minimally, something that I’m not great at, especially when the trip is less than a week. It feels so hard to limit yourself to just what you need for those few days when, how can you be sure?! What if it rains? What if it gets cold?! What if you are unexpectedly invited to a fancy dinner!? (This has never happened, but still.)

Before I left, I read this blog post about packing light and was inspired to give it a try. It made sense to pack items that can be used for multiple actives, and I took her advice to only pack one bulky item (I chose a sweater). I wore the accessories that I wanted for the weekend while traveling, which not only helped me keep my accessories to a minimum, it was also one less thing to pack. I still took two books for a three day trip because, #booknerd. I wore one pair of shoes that went with all the outfits I packed, and only needed to additionally pack a pair of tennis shoes for hiking.  Continue reading My Current Style & Packing Light

Life Lately. The Essential

I read this book once that talked about foreboding joy. It’s the phenomena that occurs when, in the midst of a good experience, you start to feel fear/anxiety over the inevitable end of the good thing instead of just staying present and enjoying it for what it is, for however long it lasts.

Summer has been good to us, and I’m trying to stay in the moment and not think about how summer will turn to fall, and summer-break will end and Mike will return to a job he doesn’t love, and we will all end up returning to schedules that are fine, but more “eh” than “ah!”.

It’s fine. It’s fine.  Continue reading Life Lately. The Essential

A Stylish Room For A Stylish Couple: A Room Tour

When I think about Jake and Aubry Patton, I think about how almost every Vogue journalist starts off their interview with an A-list celeb noting the seemingly casual attitude of the whole affair. How the celeb is wearing normal jean and a basic tee. How their hair is casually pulled back into a pony tail. How they appear so approachable. And yet, it’s Julia Roberts, for goodness sake. That, is exactly how I feel about our friends, the Pattons.

These two have the gorgeous gene in spades. They are talented, stylish, and oh -so likable. Their home is magazine worthy. And they are just so genuinely nice. So easy to talk to. And really fun people. Continue reading A Stylish Room For A Stylish Couple: A Room Tour