The Beautiful And The Brutal

In recent days, we’ve experienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. The most beautiful of beautiful that life has to offer, and the absolute most brutal of brutal.

And really, I’m sure you have too.

Whether it is in listening to the news or listening to a friend share her heart, the beautiful and the brutal seem to never be too far apart. They coexist on the same plane. Life never seems to be all roses, but truly, nor is it ever all thorns. Continue reading The Beautiful And The Brutal

Life Lately: What We’ve Been Up To

Fall is always a fun time of year for our family. We celebrate all but one of our birthdays (Bea’s is up next in November), which always makes life feel extra full in a special sort of way. And we tend to soak up the last of the warm weather and beautiful changing landscape with lots of impromptu adventures that fill our memory bank and hearts with all sort of goodness. Continue reading Life Lately: What We’ve Been Up To

The Problem With Goals

I attended this two day yoga workshop this weekend and received some tough love/much needed real talk that led to a light bulb moment that I’m still mulling over. This is not a post about yoga. This is a post about the problem with goals, or rather, how we set our goals. It just so happens that yoga was the vehicle that drove this point home for me. You don’t have to love or even care about yoga to relate to this post. My guess is, we’ve all experienced the downside of poor goal setting and could use the kind of real talk I experienced over the weekend. Or not. Your call. Either way, here goes!

So I have all these goals for my life, right? And sometimes, ok, most of the time, I get really frustrated with myself and my life and my lack of current progress in said goals. I get down right sour. Why am I not accomplishing these things? I say to myself. Why can’t I move forward in this area? I bemoan. Why do I suuuuuck? I cry and cry and cry.

I am very critical of myself. I get that. But also, I realized over the past weekend that I am a very poor goal setter. I’m unrealistic. I set the bar too high, expecting to jump from point A to Z without B-Y. Then, when I can’t leap the chasm between where I’m at and where I want to be immediately and with very little effort applied, I cry. I get angry. I beat myself up. I assume that I’m the worst ever and get really down in the dumps. And then, for the coup de grâce, I stay down in the dumps because I also happen to have a very strong will. This means that I won’t give up on said impossible goal, I simply run myself repeatedly into the proverbial brick wall and wonder why I’m so pathetic to not be able to tear down the wall. (Never mind you with your, “Haven’t you ever heard the definition of insanity?” Yes. Yes I have. And so have you but I bet there are things that youuu do over and over while expecting a different result each time so just step off, ok? We are in this together.)

Take yoga for example.

I have all these goals. Big goals. Little goals. But mostly just big goals.

This weekend at a yoga workshop, the instructor said something that blew my mind. She was walking around the room as we were working on some basic drills – like super basic – and said the following to everyone in the room:  Continue reading The Problem With Goals

Our Trip To Yellow Springs

Eleven years ago, Mike and I got married while we were still in college. During that time, we lived just north of Dayton, Ohio, near Yellow Springs.

I know most people say your first year of marriage is the hardest, but that just wasn’t our story. Those first two years were so special. We went to school during the day and worked in a coffee shop as baristas at night.

Mike graduated my senior year and found a construction job, restoring historic Yellow Springs’s homes to their former glory. We had absolutely no money. I mean, I know people always say they “have no money,” but seriously people. Living on love wasn’t so much a sentiment as it was just a fact.

And man, we were happy.

But then.

I graduated college and we panicked, so we moved back “home” (northeastern Ohio) until we could find something safe to do. Logically, it made sense to leave Yellow Springs. We didn’t have any career prospects, family near by, or now that college was over – a place to live.

Hindsight is funny. Continue reading Our Trip To Yellow Springs

Friday Five

1. I love Bleeding Heart flowers. The photo above is from my flower bed. I grew the plant from a starter cutting and, initially, it didn’t fare well. The first year, a weird mold completely took it over. The second year, frost caused all the blooms to fall off and the leaves to wither. I went outside last night and was pleasantly surprised to see this plant, that I love so much but have yet to really enjoy, blooming in all it’s delicious pink and white glory.

2. I was so happy to read this article about what is apparently a controversy in the design world: white walls. I have to admit, I have major design envy when I see all these grammers and bloggers showcasing their minimalistic style against a backdrop of white walls. I love it. Love, love, love it.  Continue reading Friday Five

Life Lately

Beatrice will be four months old next week, which quite frankly, is rather astounding. Our life seems to have always included the five of us. Except, in all reality, it hasn’t. What’s even harder to believe is the number five. I’ve only been a mother for five years. What did I do before this??? Who knows. Who cares. Now is now.

One thing I’ve found funny as a mom of three kids four (and a half) and under, is that my sense of capability swings wildly from “Oh yeah, I’ve got this!” to “Oh man, I’m drowwwwwning. Help. Me.” These sentiments also usually happen within minutes (seconds?) of each other. It’s a wild ride, if nothing else. Continue reading Life Lately

Thursday Things I Love: Tarts, Chubby Cheeks, and Leslie Knope

Well we’ve made it to Thursday. Last night, Mike and I watched the “Company Picnic” episode of The Office. It’s the one where Jim and Pam find out they are expecting. That episode gets me every dang time. I love that episode for one tiny scene with Michael though, too. He talks about how he was ok with not trying to force a reunion with ex-girlfriend Holly, saying that he thinks instead, they will just have a long story. I love that. I love that long-sightedness. Our stories really are long. It’s good to remember that. How easy is it for us to get caught in the today. The right-this-minute. And then we forget, this isn’t forever. We’ve got time. Our story isn’t over yet.

Here are a few other things I’ve loved from this past week… Continue reading Thursday Things I Love: Tarts, Chubby Cheeks, and Leslie Knope

A Post About My Husband, Cappuccino, and Adventure

Adult conversation. It’s kinda been a thing of the past since baby Bea’s arrival.

So with Mike’s Christmas vacation coming to a close, we decided to find ourselves a sitter (oh, the elusive baby sitter!), and get out of the house for a few hours of kid-free conversation and cappuccino .  Continue reading A Post About My Husband, Cappuccino, and Adventure

Five Things

1.) I wasn’t going to post today because, iiii didn’t want to. My kiddos are sick with colds and I’m running on zero, but after spending some time alone, thinking and praying, I decided that I wanted to try and focus on the miracle of life more and on the mess of life, less. The struggle is reeeeal folks.  Continue reading Five Things

Fireside Chats About Control, Failing, and Living In the Moment

My husband and I have both been struggling with the same thing lately. Basically, we’ve been discouraged by the outward appearance that things just aren’t working out the way we had hoped. We’ve each experienced things lately that, in a word, make us feel like failures.

The past two weeks have been particularly hard for us in this area, and last night, as we sat around a campfire after putting the boys to bed, we spent over an hour sharing our hearts with each other. We shared our discouragement, our frustration, and our mutual wonderment over what was to be done. Continue reading Fireside Chats About Control, Failing, and Living In the Moment