What We Tell Our Daughters

I have a daughter, and I think she is the most beautiful little girl in all the world. She absolutely delights me.

The other day, we were getting ready together. I noticed her soft, round little features. I noticed the way she crinkled up her nose to smile. I noticed her confidence as she stuck her belly out and look in the mirror. I noticed her contentment with picking clothes she liked, detached from any sort of expectation of how they looked on her body. And I thought with a sinking feeling, not for the first time, that I wished I could bottle up this confidence for her and help her keep it forever.

The topic of body image scares me for her. Continue reading What We Tell Our Daughters

Learning to Love My Body, So My Little Girl Can Love Hers

At the risk of sounding cliche, I have to say that I really struggle with this whole body image thing. Like on a normal, not pregnant day-to-day basis. So when you add the uncontrollable weight gain, the weird shifting of body parts, and the enormous boob reality of pregnancy, you could say that my insecurities kiiinda go up a notch. Like I said, I’m a walking cliche, because I’m a girl and don’t we all kind of go through this at one point or another? Continue reading Learning to Love My Body, So My Little Girl Can Love Hers