Don’t Just Choose Joy.

I recently asked on Instagram what topics my readers would like me to write about now that I’m blogging again. I got a lot of really wonderful responses that I can’t wait to explore here together. But one suggestion really stood out to me, and it was on the topic of joy.

What brings you joy? Continue reading Don’t Just Choose Joy.

What Our Restlessness Can Teach Us

Often times our bodies know things that our hearts and minds are yet to acknowledge or admit. You can’t fool the body. You can ignore it. Try to override it. Deny it. But you can’t fool it.

The body, is a truth teller.

I’ve heard it said that symptoms are like prophets. They are like little (or not so little) messengers, come to tell us something we need to know. What’s funny, though, is that we humans HATE symptoms. We focus all our time, energy and money on figuring out how to make them disappear, all the while, forgetting that symptoms are mere messengers. They are sent TO us, FROM something deeper.

Symptoms have something to teach us. Continue reading What Our Restlessness Can Teach Us

I’m Not Going To Let Insecurity Tell Me Who I Am, Anymore


Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. – The Queen B, Miss Brené Brown

I’ve been living in a haze of thoughts, emotions, questions, and revelations lately. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve felt dizzy with excitement. I’ve exhaled big breaths of stress that I didn’t even realize I’d been carrying. And stunningly, most of all, I’ve found pieces of myself that I never fully realized I possessed. Continue reading I’m Not Going To Let Insecurity Tell Me Who I Am, Anymore

On Anxiety

I’ve struggled with anxiety for the past few years. Ironically the more clearly I could hear the gentle whispers of God telling who he made me to be, the stronger I felt the pressure of other people’s expectations.

More often than not, anxiety is breed in the fertile ground between who we feel and know we are, and who people say we should be.

The space that says, you are not enough. You should be more. You should do more. You should do differently. You are too different. You are not worthy. You do not belong. You are unwanted. You are unsuccessful. You will never measure up.

That space. Continue reading On Anxiety

Thanks for the Memories, Jim & Pam

I’m feeling really emotional and sappy about my husband. You see, last week we finished re-watching the entire The Office series from beginning to end. That means this week I’ve been feeling the wide range of grieving emotions that comes from, well, you know…a tv series coming to an end.

It’s funny what suddenly gets ahold of our attention. What reaches out and grabs us. What wakes us up. What inspires us. Continue reading Thanks for the Memories, Jim & Pam