What Our Restlessness Can Teach Us

Often times our bodies know things that our hearts and minds are yet to acknowledge or admit. You can’t fool the body. You can ignore it. Try to override it. Deny it. But you can’t fool it.

The body, is a truth teller.

I’ve heard it said that symptoms are like prophets. They are like little (or not so little) messengers, come to tell us something we need to know. What’s funny, though, is that we humans HATE symptoms. We focus all our time, energy and money on figuring out how to make them disappear, all the while, forgetting that symptoms are mere messengers. They are sent TO us, FROM something deeper.

Symptoms have something to teach us.

One symptom that we seem to fight against the most, is restlessness. We brush it off as an excess of energy that needs burned up through exercise, or a mind that simply needs calmed through meditation or a return to gratitude and prayer.

But what if our restlessness isn’t a problem, but a prophet?

What if our restlessness isn’t something we need to make go away, but a gift we get to open and explore?

What if our restlessness, is grace itself?

Our minds can convince us of almost anything. But the longings of our heart and the truth that resides in our spirit can only be repressed and ignored so long before it transmits itself through restlessness.

Our restlessness comes to speak to us of the unrealized.

It wants to draw us in. Put us back on track. Keep us walking towards truth.

Restlessness wants to be questioned. It wants us to notice it, acknowledge it’s presence, and then sit with it for bit. Restlessness wants to be given space to be understood, not as something to be overcome, but as something to come along side of, and learn from.

Restlessness wants to speak to us about the ways we are not living out the fullness of who we were made to be. Restlessness wants to speak to us about the gifts we possess that are going unused. (Does your heart have something to say? Restlessness wants you to SPEAK it.) Restlessness wants to speak to us about the ways we are thinking, acting and living that run counter to the truth of who we are and who we were made to be. Restlessness wants to speak to us about next step we are ready to take in our journey to learn, grow and become.

Restlessness is energy, tap into it. Restlessness is insight, lean into it. Restlessness is a guide, follow it.

It is easy to feel the restlessness in our body and our spirit and call it anxiety, which leads us to try and find solutions to mask what we are feeling. And so we go for a run or do some deep breathing or ask for a prescription, all the while missing the message that restlessness has for us.

Sometimes truth comes to us from the words we read and sometimes it comes to us from the people we meet, and sometimes, it comes from a still small voice that resides in our body and speaks to our spirit and we call it, restlessness.

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I'm a young mom, into old movies, classic books, and old fashioned homemaking. I love yoga, running, cooking and sitting around and talking with my friends and family, usually with a cup (or two) of strong coffee or a glass of wine. I spend a lot of time researching things that I find interesting and want to know more about. I'll be using my blog as a way to share all the fun things I discover. Enjoy!

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